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Fystar Wines and Spirits was initially registered as a Business name with one sole Proprietor on 31st October 2011 but officially opened its doors with one outlet on the 1st of January 2012.

The Director strived and started with the retail segment of Wines and Spirits By selling Quality and Genuine wines and Spirits to the end consumer, With time the business grew and more customers demanded the company sell its goods at wholesale /Distributor prices as the products sold at the shop were only from genuine importers and Manufacturers prompting the Director to increase the number of Outlets to four outlets with one Franchised Branch across Nairobi. In April 2016 The Director incorporated the Business name to a Limited company and increased the shareholding from one (1) to three (3) shareholders with his long term goal being to venture into the ecommerce, Distribution and Wholesale business.

In October 2016 the company initiated its growth and diversification plan for the Kenyan market by getting distribution rights from companies such as KWAL (Kenya Wines Agencies Limited), LDK (London Distillers Kenya Limited), Vinepark Limited, African Spirits Limited, crown beverages limited and KenBev Limited.

As a beverage company dealing with the sale of both alcoholic drinks and non -alcoholic Fystar was proud to include the title of distributorship to its portfolio, with the futuristic plans of venturing into manufacturing, importation of alcoholic and non-alcoholics.

Currently the company is striving to infuse Technology to capture a market niche in an already competitive Market. The Directors continuously create avenues for growth to already existing Manufactures by increasing the market value for their products, and satisfying market demand while remaining Profitable to the Various Vendors and Manufactures through its Distribution services, Market Advertisement of Products through its various marketing platforms.

The Aim of the company is to be the biggest Alcoholic Beverage distribution company in East Africa and its environs.”

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Our Mission

To be a Quality Driven , customer focused, profitable Distributor of alcohol beverages , dedicated to innovation, exemplary service, helpful product knowledge and social as well as corporate responsibility.

Our Vision

  • To provide a safe working heaven for innovation, mentorship, inspiration and where individual growth is encouraged
  • To be a leading supplier of Quality products and services to customers all over Kenya.
  • Create a Mutual and Beneficial network of customers and Suppliers with Enduring Value to maintain Quality.
  • Provide a profitable and sustainable Business platform for shareholders while maximizing on returns with an aim of maintaining integral and ethical responsibilities.

Our Values

Corporate Social responsibility – Support the responsible use of Alcoholic Beverage and minimise any negative inpact of our operations and the Environment
Integrity – To be honest , Fair and take full accountability for our actions , Decisions and Behaviors
Respect and Team Work – Treat everyone with dignity , respect and fairness while supporting each other to achieve coporate Goals , Mission and Values

Our Goal

Is to provide an enticing environment that allows our customers so that they experience a five star treatment from our Sales Representatives both online and our physical shops location.


1. Staff Members
Our team is our enduring advantage and most valued asset.
2. Conduct
We conduct ourselves ethically, with honesty and integrity.
3. Quality
We are single minded in our quest for perfection and sustainability in all we do.
4. Service
We are passionate about our service to both Internal and External Customers.
5. Collaboration
We collaborate, work, win and celebrate as one Fystar Team.
6. Accountability
We take personal responsibility for our commitments and deliverables.


1. We work, win and celebrate as a Team.
2. We are uncomfortable with Good and We strive for Great.
3. We say what we mean and mean what we say.
4. We are courageous and despise indecisiveness.
5. We behave ethically with integrity, and mutual respect.
6. We strive to keep it simple and fast.
7. We regard Customer Service as an engrained way of working not a department.
8. We recognize the need of holding hard discussions to address poor performance.
9. We encourage big dreams and a free flow of innovative ideas.
10. We are not afraid to fail, we are afraid not to try.
11. We believe the results are always better than the excuses.



Fystar Wines and Spirits Limited is an up and coming established distributor for Both Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic drinks in Nairobi. It has currently diversified its portfolio to outlaying sites within Nairobi, the company has been in existence since 2011 and over the years has grown to 5 (five) outlets across Nairobi plus a well laid out van distribution system the cover different constituencies, counties and a fine touch of the Ecommerce online presence to have a wider coverage. All the mentioned tools create a great revenue and Marketing tool for any Vendor or potential company to Work with Fystar Wines and Spirits.



We aim to identify, source and select wines, spirits and other liquor products that display individuality and are representative of their origins. We continuously scout for products that over-deliver in terms of quality and satisfaction at every price point, regardless of whether they are for everyday consumption or established classics.
We have best products of varied styles and prices with superb value for money, and because we import and buy directly from factories (manufacturers), we can afford to pass on the savings to you. We are confident that you will find both quality and value for money throughout our entire range.

We endeavor to present our selection with old-fashioned personal service, in-depth knowledge and courtesy, where the customer always comes first and always appreciated.
By all means, try our products and see for yourself.

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